Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Soon after our first pregnancy loss I started having a spiritual crisis. I wanted to know more about where our loved ones go after they die. I had been taught about heaven in religious school but I felt confused and lost. I wanted to know where my baby was. For some reason being out in nature and looking up at the stars made me feel closer to the world that exists beyond here.

Shooting Star Sometimes I like to practice stillness or say prayers outside at night because somehow the stars make me feel like I’m closer to my baby. I also like to imagine that stars are remembered lost loved ones or maybe there’s a star for every person on this planet that we can look up to for strength or inspiration. I was sitting on our back deck stargazing and a shooting star rushed across the sky. It was neat that I noticed a shooting star at the same time I was admiring the night sky and practicing stillness. I was thankful for this beautiful moment and it made me cry. I wish I knew exactly where my baby is in the universe, but for now I will say good night to the stars.

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